7 Tips for Safer and More Enjoyable Travel with Your Child

Today we have prepared some tips for all mothers and dads. You might have already uncovered ones, while others might just help to make family travel safer and easier.

Correct car seat
There are plenty of different seats, so choosing the right one for your child can be uneasy. Find out what kind of seat would best correspond to your requirements, what kind of seat size you need for your child according to his or her current size. In addition, not all seats are equally safe, so investigate well about the security level of the seats and ask about the return or trial before purchasing possibility – probably not all seats options will fit in and fit into your cabin.

Make sure your child is really comfortable
In order to know that your children travel comfortably, first take care of the point 1- a comfortable car seat is half the work. The second thing to consider is the proper temperature of the car. If the child is sitting in the rear seat, choose the fan rpm to be higher than usual when driving alone, so that the heat spreads evenly towards the rear seat. Do not as well underestimate the value of clothes – clothes and braces should be tight but not pressured.

Back view Mirror
Congratulations on becoming a driver who needs one extra mirror! You will make sure, how tempting is to see what your child is doing or what the unclear sounds, coming out from the rear seat, mean. To avoid having to choose whether to worry about not seeing the child or driving insecure constantly taking a glance back, install the mirror in which you can see what is happening in the rear seat (for instance, like this one). Some mirrors can be adjusted so that the child will see your face, which always appeals to the little ones!

Pleasant shadow
Since you have to drive in all directions, sometimes the child will turn into a twinkling sun. A small but very useful investment – glued window blinds that will help your child to avoid discomfort.
Do not leave food and toys in the car
One soft toy or an adjusted tablet broadcasting cartoons is pretty much about keeping your baby calm. Inadvertently left food can become a cause of a choking, and if it is unsafe and unpleasant at the table, it is very very dangerous when driving, because you might not always stop without causing an emergency. In addition, lying around toys or bottles look innocent until they lie on the floor of a car, but in the event of an auto accident, they can cause serious injuries to you and the child.

Children love music! Don’t you believe? Try experimenting with different styles and compositions and pray that yours and the child’s taste will match! Well, if there is no music at hand, use your artistic talents – all children love to listen to their parents singing (yes, even those who are singing awful)!

Vehicle technical safety
Whether you are just buying a new car or have been already driving for some time – have a good look at the technical condition of the car before placing your child in it. If you know the car as your five fingers, yet do not forget to check the condition of the liquids and brake pads, see if the tires comply with the current season, and their tread will ensure the safety of you and your children on a slippery road. If you are just about to pick up the car, ask for all the information about whether the car was not in the auto accident – front damage might mean that this car does not have airbags – you know for yourself that your family does not need such a risk!

The right car
Becoming a dad or mom has a new perspective on the world, and sometimes the thoughts about buying a new family car are turning to mind. A spacious cabin, a higher security class or friendliness in terms of family budget can be significant changes that would add up to your family’s well-being and comfort. If you think this is about you, but you feel that now you more troubles than you can handle, and choosing a new car (or sell the old one) would become an additional trouble – call us. AUTOAGENTAS is here to help you with all your car purchase / sale related issues while you care for your family!