Small Details Provide Plenty of Information

Selling cars is not an easy task even for an experienced driver, especially if you want to sell the car at the best price on the market. However, AUTOAGENTAS advises – be honest and cautious. If you want a buyer as soon as possible, take care of the car’s representative appearance, do not save money for interior chemical cleaning and new rugs that will give a sense of cleanliness and a cared car. It is also important to take care of the technical condition – before the sale of the car, take care of regular maintenance components: replace the oils and filters, if the brake pads are worn – r

eplace them. Even small technical failures are the signal of an overlooked car to the buyer.Buying a used car is like participating in a lottery, whereas attention to details will help you understand if a seller is open to you. When buying a car, check and evaluate the interior – if the car is declared a small kilometrage – up to 150 thousand kilometers – and the interior is very tired, there is a high probability that the kilometrage has been reversed. Car dealers know a lot of tricks about hiding long exploitation life, but AUTOAGENTAS advises – look at the whole and commit to the logic.

Leather seats and even a steering wheel are easily repainted with special leather paint. So, if you notice discrepancies in the color of the seats, look more closely – you will likely see the areas left while painting. A large kilometrage is also reflected in the steering wheel – when buying a car, keep an eye on the steering wheel. If the wheel is worn out, it is the most likely that the used machine was in long exploitation. Car dealers try to hide this by changing the cover of the steering wheel or repainting the wheel, but here they can be short-sold by a gearshift lever, pedals and most commonly used buttons. If the steering wheel looks like a new one, while the pedals and gear lever are worn out, most likely the steeri

ng wheel or its surface has been replaced or renewed.
So, selling an old car for a good price or buying a good car is possible if you commit to the logic and will be attentive, and do not forget that AUTOAGENTAS is always ready to advise and help you!