How to Sell a Car. Part 5

In the series of useful tips on “How to Sell a Car”, AUTOAGENTAS will tell, what to include in the “Description” field of the car sales advertisement.
You should simply include EVERYTHING you know about your car: what you have repaired, what you did not do, what else to repair, when you bought, where from you bought, how many kilometers you drove, what problems you encountered, what makes your car good or bad, why and who might like it or not, when you changed the oils or you did not change it, maybe you have additional tires, maybe you have installed an audio system, maybe you added an additional car alarm system… Write everything you can remember.
We do not recommend writing such generalized sentences as “You sit and drive”, “Driven by a woman up to kindergarten”, “Driven by an old lady to the church”, and so on.
Be open, honest – so you will surely find your buyer faster and sell the car more expensive!