How to Sell a Car. Part 3

Today in the series of useful tips by AUTOAGENTAS “How to Sell a Car”, we will talk about the photos of the cars that are being sold.
You probably would not like to look at poor-quality photos, on which it is not clear what, where and how. It is for this reason that the car needs to be shooted in an accurate way. The photographs should show both sides of the car, the front and the rear – to see defects in the vehicle or to easily notice that there are no additional defects.
It would also be worthwhile, having opened the doors, to take pictures of the interior, the seats, to show that they are neat, not torn or stained. Open the hood, show that there are no bird nests or other living things. Open the boot, show that you did not keep the chickens there, it has a spare wheel, a car lift, all the necessary keys, a fire extinguisher, and that your car is in fact technically neat and ready for its new owner for convenient use and enjoyment of travel.